Gift Vouchers

Lismore Opera Festival provides the opportunity to send gift vouchers to your friends, family and loved ones. You determine the value of the gift voucher yourself, starting from €25.00 . During the check out process you decide whether the confirmation email with the voucher is sent to you or directly to the recipient.

The minimum value of a gift voucher is € 25.00. Gift vouchers can be used to pay for tickets, food, wine and other products and can be used in the checkout process as a (partial) payment.

You can order multiple gift vouchers for the same amount by increasing the number of gift vouchers placed in your basket. Gift vouchers for different amounts can be purchased within the same order, by placing gift vouchers with a similar value in the basket first, before adding gift vouchers with a different value.

Gift vouchers are sent by email. Each gift voucher can be sent to you or directly to the recipients with your individual message.

Unfortunately we are unable to refund unused gift vouchers or exchange them for cash.

Gift vouchers are valid for 2 years after purchase date.